Friday, October 16, 2009

Clojure is Two!

It's hard to believe that another year has passed since I first released Clojure, now 2 years ago!

As with the first year, it's been a thrilling ride, with phenomenal growth. Some highlights (in no particular order, and omitting much, I'm sure):

  • New features underway for post 1.1
  • Clojure-in-Clojure
  • Parallel algorithms based upon latest ForkJoin
  • A viable CLR port, thanks to David Miller
  • At least five-fold increase in users and contributors (22,000+ messages from 2600+ list members, 90+ registered contributors)

It is clear that Clojure is taking off, and I attribute that to the fantastic community that has sprung up around it. Everyone continues to be supportive and friendly, and that matters quite a bit to newcomers who need help. It was great to hop on the #clojure irc this morning to find old hands chouser, cgrand and 170 others chatting away.

It takes much more than just the core language to make a language successful, and I want to thank everyone for your continued effort, support, suggestions, donations and patches. You are what makes Clojure great - find some cake and celebrate!