Monday, May 4, 2009

Clojure 1.0

After a sustained period of API stability and minimal bug reports, I'm happy to announce the release of Clojure 1.0!

Numbered releases will enable people to consume a stable version of Clojure and move to bugfix-only incremental versions while preserving API stability, and to consume libraries designed to work with specific versions. Providing the bugfix-only revisions depends upon the community to submit patches for the release branch as well as the trunk.

Clojure represents several years of effort on my part, but has also been shaped profoundly by the community in the 18 months since its release to the public. I can't thank everyone enough for your contributions of ideas, bug reports, suggestions, tests, tools, documentation and code - patches and enhancements. Clojure wouldn't be where it is today without its community and all of your efforts.

Of course, there is more to do. Many good ideas have been suggested in the discussions preceding this release that were best put off for 1.1. Now with the release we can pursue them, and many others:

I want to give special thanks to those who have made donations - they really help! I did the core work on Clojure during a self-funded sabbatical that has run its course (i.e. through my savings :) - donations help fund the future.

Clojure 1.0 is a milestone of achievement, but it also represents a beginning. With 1.0, Stuart's book, the burgeoning set of libraries in and outside of contrib, and the large, friendly community, Clojure is poised to enter a period of increased adoption and application in many domains.

Here's to the future!



DiG said...


As a Clojure user I've seen it grow from it's first awesome coming out presentation at LispNYC to the current 1.0 release. It is just getting better and better.

Rich, thank you for this commitment to making such a great language.

I am very excited with this important milestone. Enterprise be ready, Clojure 1.0 is here.

Unknown said...

This is great news! Thanks for all your hard work.

Jason Tseng said...

Yeah, Rich. Appreciate all your hard work! Thanks!

Curran said...


Unknown said...

Good work Rich, Clojure is a very interesting language poised for growth IMHO.
We need languages providing support for reflective programming, your language is a good step in that direction, thank you for all your dedication here and the emphasis you put in good documentation too :)

Unknown said...

Congrats Rich! Note the instructions to start the Repl in the readme.txt are wrong (missing '-1.0.0').

Unknown said...

Congrats Rich.

There are so many great ideas and features baked into Clojure. Can't wait to kick the tires of 1.0. A job well done!

Anjaan Shayar said...


Jeswin said...

I used to stay away from the JVM for want of a language that made programming fun. That is not true anymore.

Planning to use Clojure in an "Enterprisey" app.


APLaconic said...

Awesome news! Thanks for giving me hope in the Java JVM space, to learn something worthwhile outside the scope of my immediate B2B employment.