Thursday, December 31, 2009

Clojure 1.1 Release

Clojure 1.1 is now out:

It contains several new features and many bug fixes and small enhancements. Many people contributed ideas, patches, docs, testing, feedback etc to this release - it truly was a community effort.

See the changes file for more details on the new features:

Many users have been running this code for a while now from the git repository, so I hope it continues the tradition of stability.

Without diminishing the efforts of any others, I'd like to call attention to the following:

Chris Houser has been helping me with patch commits and management of the Google Group. His efforts are invaluable to my staying focused on core issues.

Christophe Grand got his head around the transient mechanism and implemented it for several of the data structures, in addition to pursuing some of my more speculative ideas (with great success). This was a big help to me.

Tom Faulhaber has done a terrific job moving the API docs to a much better automated system hosted in the github repo:

To them, and everyone involved in the project - many thanks!



GeekyCoder said...

Thank for this valuable and timely New Year Gift !

I learning Clojure as I find it very interesting.

GeekyCoder said...

Thank for this timely and valuable New Year gift. Seem that 2010 will be the year of Clojure and functional languages.

Gabi said...

Thanks for this wonderful language. Can't wait to try 1.1

Lithpr said...

Just in time for my "Learn a new programming language a year" resolution. Congrats & Thanks!

Rock said...

So happy to hear the news! Great way to start the New Year! Thank you so much :)simpler

Tim Williams said...

Congratulations on the new release! I have thoroughly enjoyed learning Clojure and am genuinely excited that the JVM has such an excellent functional language. I have just made a donation via the site and encourage everybody to do the same.

Robin Brandt said...

Very nice.

Could you please create a tag in the repo for the ones like me that compile from source?


CaptObvious said...

Learning LISP for the first time with Clojure; pretty impressed so far, awesome work!