Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Announcing Clojure/core

I'm happy to announce Clojure/core, a joint endeavor between myself and Relevance, Inc. Clojure/core is a specialized technical practice within Relevance, focused on Clojure. Featuring myself and Stuart Halloway as advisors, the team also includes Clojure experts such as David Liebke (Incanter), Stuart Sierra (clojure-contrib contributor) and Aaron Bedra (an experienced consultant using Clojure).

The practice will be providing mentorship, training and development services for those using, or planning to use, Clojure, and sustaining Clojure itself.

Not interested in Clojure mentorship, training or dev assistance? There's still plenty of good news for the Clojure community in this announcement. One of the missions of Clojure/core is the sustainability of Clojure. The team will spend 20% of its time on Clojure itself. This includes working on enhancements and tickets, incorporating patches, helping tend the mailing list etc. This will enable our team to get a lot more done than I could ever do myself, while enabling me to focus on the fundamental aspects of Clojure. It will also broaden the pool of people with intimate knowledge of the internals of Clojure.

The availability of services such as this is an important milestone for Clojure, as people choosing to adopt Clojure can be assured they can get mentorship, training and dev assistance, from experts.

I'm very excited about this effort. The folks at Relevance have never failed to impress me with their skills and attitude, and they truly get Clojure and care about its sustainability.

Note: clojure.com will now resolve to the Clojure/core site. Come check it out!


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Unknown said...

Very cool, looking forward to long nights with Clojure